How to Shutdown Your Android Phone Remotely By Sending SMS

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Good day!!

What about shutting down your Android phone remotely just by sending an SMS?

Sometimes you forget your phone somewhere/ at home or it’s with someone(maybe a kid playing with it) and you don’t want that person to exhaust the battery of your phone for whatever reason you want to off your Android smart device remotely without manually switching off; here is the solution on Lukastech Blog, you’ll learn how to do that today as I will be taking you through a very short tutorial that will help you get your Android automatically switched off by just sending a single SMS.


How To Turn Off Any Android By Sending SMS:

1. Download and Install “App Remote Power Off” – You can get it HERE.

2. After successful download and installation, open the app » it will ask you for the current password and new password. Enter the current password as null and in the new password field »» enter any password of your choice »» click on “change secret code”. »» After setting up the secret code, grant the app superuser permission by going through the superuser app.
3. Finally, if you want to turn off your smartphone, then all you have to do is just SMS the secret code from any phone into your device. Once your Android receives the SMS it will automatically shut down

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     For Example, 

    If you want to off your phone and the number on that phone is 09097827656.

    1. Simply text your secret code: e.g 21711 to 09097827655.
    2. Once the SMS enters that SIM in the phone, your phone will automatically shut down ..and that is it!!!
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    NOTE: Your Android device needs to be rooted for this to work perfectly.

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