How to Download YouTube Videos Using Opera Mini Browser (Mobile)

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Opera Mini is a Web Browser which has gone too much popular these days. But while downloading videos from YouTube it shows can’t download. Well, let’s see the trick to download the videos.

Changing the URL

1. Go to the YouTube website.
2. Locate the YouTube search bar and type the name of the video you want to download.
3. Select the desired video you want to download from the search result list. Note that not to click on watch video.
3. Go to the address bar of the browser where you type the URL. You will see the address bar starting with (m.)
4. Remove the (m. ) and type (ss) (without the dot).
5. Click OK. 
6. You will notice that a new page will open where you can download your video.
7. Select your desired format and then click on the download button.
Opera Mini will ask now for a path to download your file. 
8. Select the download path and download the video!

Method Two of Two:

By Javascript

1. Open Opera Mini Browser.
2. Go to YouTube
3. Select bookmarks(#5) in your opera mini. Note that #5 is a shortcut of opera mini 6 and higher versions.
4. Add a bookmark to the site and name it YouTube download.
5. Replace the URL with a javascript. You can find it on Blogspot.
6. Save the bookmark of it.
7. Select the desired video on YouTube you were going to download.
8. Scroll down and select desktop view or classic view.
9. Go to your browser settings and look for a single-column view. Turn it on.
10. Reload the webpage.
11. Select the Saved Bookmark.
16. You will find a download box appearing below. Click on the download button save your path and the file is downloaded!

• You can follow the first method (by changing the URL directly) to download YouTube videos to the PC.


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