Instagram Age Checker Tool — Check Instagram Account Creation Date in Minutes

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Instagram age verification tool

Are you at the verge of buying a new IG Instagram account and you’re considerate of verifying the creation date of the account?

The tool we’re going to share with you today is going to reveal the age of any IG account within minutes and guess what? It works for free.

We’ll not also hesitate to provide you with the full guide on how to go about the age verification process backed up with screenshots.

Simply get your coffee, sit back, read, implement and also share your testimony via the comment box.

Before we continue, let’s look at the features of this cool IG Age checker tool:

  1.  The tool is totally free
  2.  The tool doesn’t zap data as some analytical sites do.
  3. Doesn’t Require Installation (Online Checker tool)
  4.  Provides Fast and Accurate result
  5.  Lot more…..
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How to Check Instagram Account Creation Date in Minutes

1. If you’re either on PC or Mobile, simply visit – IG Age Check (
2. Click on the Click here to access this tool button.

Online IG age checker
Instagram Age Checker tool
3. It will redirect you to an unsecured page – click on CONTINUE ANYWAY but if you’re using Chrome Click on the ADVANCE BUTTON and click PROCEED to the site link.
4. On the main page, type the username in the given box, solve the Captcha and then press the CHECK AGE button.
1 Opera2BSnapshot 2019 02 15 215709 igtool.hopto .org
5. Wait for it to process your request to be processed; usually takes some seconds.
6. BOOM!! Behold the account creation month and year will be displayed to you on your screen.
Instagram Age Checker
Instagram Age Checker Tool
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1 Opera2BSnapshot 2019 02 15 220213 igtool.hopto .org
If pleased with the result; then you can decide to proceed with the transaction, but if otherwise; you can step back.


I hope these few guides have helped you Check the Age of any Instagram account.
Alternatively, If you don’t have the email verification date, or if the account lacks posted media to check relative age by first post (or the patience to scroll down through too many posts until the first one), 

NOTE: The above tool is the first online tool to estimate Instagram account age, this tool estimates age with an error of about +/- 1-2 months. If the tool does not load, please check in at different times of the day for availability. The tool is still a work in progress.

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