How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Getting a message across to someone on WhatsApp who is not on your contact list at times can be stressful; as WhatsApp requires you to save the number in question to your contact and then refresh your contact before you can be able to forward a Direct Message to them, this stress can be curbed as we’ll show you how to send message to someone without saving the contact on Whatsapp.

There are actually two(2) ways you can go about this quick messaging, but, we’ll talk about one legit method which works well but it requires a browser to accomplish your goal.
This method helps to save phone or Sim storage, although you can decide to save the person’s number later if he’s relevant to your field by clicking the “Add to Contact” Button on Whatsapp.

How to Send Message to Someone not on your contact list.

Let’s assume you got a number online and would like to bypass the stress of saving the phone number,simply follow the below step below;
1. Launch your browser or create a new tab

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2. Navigate to (https://)

3. Change the phone number with the target number with the country code exempting the + or any attached sign.
For illustration, chatting with the number 09097837656 from Nigeria, all you need to do is navigate to –
4. Open the above link and press send.
5. A WhatsApp pop up will come up asking if you want to send message to the number, click “Send Message”.

1 1557097353477

6. You’ll automatically be redirected to WhatsApp with the start chatting window with the person you inputted his number in the URL above.

1 1557097312597

That’s all you need to know about forwarding message to someone who isn’t on your contact list on Whatsapp.
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