How to Chat Without Data Via Bluetooth on Android

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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It might sound weird that you’ll be able to send messages to your friend in close Bluetooth range after reading this article, but it’s actually the real deal.
It works within the range of 50m and its super fast for sending images and spy messages; It works with data and neither airtime.
Surprised? Let’s get into business

How to Chat with Bluetooth on Android for Free.

This can be accomplished via an app called Bluetooth chat App.
Bluetooth Chat will help you to send short messages and images using Bluetooth technology. You can chat with your friends if you are in the Bluetooth range and don’t have access to the Internet.
Your partners don’t have an Internet connection to install this app? You can easily share an .apk file of the app via Bluetooth! Without wasting much time, kindly follow the steps below to install the app and get started:
1. Download Bluetooth Chat app on Play store
2. Fill all required details such as name, color e.t.c

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3. Make sure the other phone’s Bluetooth is on; likewise yours

4. Click on scan from the app to detect device.
Screenshot 2019 06 01 15 15 26
5. After successful confirmation from the second phone, a Bluetooth pairing request will display on your phone screen. Tap on “ Pair ” and the two phones will successfully connect.
6. After successful setup; start sending messages and emoji to the paired user, you can still pair more Bluetooth users to chat with.
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7. You can decide to still make changes to your settings or view images sent to you, sumply click on the 3 icon on the right hand side of the app.
That’s all about sending messages via Bluetooth without data, it is really helpful provided you’re within the Bluetooth range.
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