How to Borrow Airtime on Airtel Without Paying Service Charge

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Telecom Operators gives their customers ability to request for extra credit or data if in urgent need.

However, there have been a major setback which is the service charge been imposed on the loan.

Airtel collects 10% transaction charge mean whole MTN charges 15% transaction fee; which implies that extra credit of N100 will leave you with N90 and vice versa.

Aside that, Users should Also bear it in mind that they must have recharged a certain amount of airtime for the month so as to qualify for the extra credit.

Nevertheless, in this post we’ll discuss how to borrow airtime from Airtel without the transaction charge been deducted.

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This main charge stops me from using this service since I won’t use my loan in full and still pay back in full.

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How to Use Airtel Extra Credit Without Paying Service Charge

1. Simply get an AIRTEL Sim that’s eligible for extra credit.

2. Dial *500*0# and follow the prompt. (Don’t use *500# in this case)

3. Enjoy your borrowed loan in it’s fullness.

N.B: If you’re not eligible for extra credit, you’ll see the message as shown below.

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I hope you’ve gain little from this?

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