Easiest Way to Share and Unshare Data Plans on Glo

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Hello guys, as we are all aware that our recent Glo cheats require us to share our data to other sims to enable us to browse unlimitedly, however, what of in a scenario where the sim got lost or stolen and you’ll like to unshare your data bundle to the sim in question.
And at some point, we might also wish to unshare our data bundle with friends maybe because of the way they utilize your data, illegal means they used to add their number to the list of your data beneficiaries or other reasons known to you.

Likewise, if You might want to share your data plan with a friend on the Glo network but don’t know how to go about it; then this post will surely show you how to unshare/share your data bundle with friends.

Recall that if you share your data with a user on Glo and your phone is off, the other user will be making use of your data which can be frustrating if done without your permission.

However, fixing this shouldn’t be an issue since this post will show you how to remove a number from your data beneficiaries and also view the list of numbers that are currently sharing your data plan with you.

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How to Share Data to a Number on Glo

To add a contact to contact, you can simply dial *127*01*Friends Number# or alternatively SMS “Add 081xxx to 127.

You should get a message confirming the addition.

How to Get List of Contacts Sharing My data Plan

This is quite easy on the Glo network as all you need to do is SMS “List to 127” or by dialling *127*00#.


This comes in handy when you’re confused on the number of people utilizing your data bundle with you and would want to confirm if they are number you trust.

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After you’ve sent the SMS or dialled the code; you will get a notification with the list of all the contacts on your data sharing list.

Unsharing Data on Glo

How to Unshare Data Plan on Glo

Unsharing data on Glo can only be done per number (You can’t wipe all of them off with one click), so after you’ve decided on which number to eliminate out of your data sharing list, then you can now proceed with the below process to finally remove them.


You can dial *127*02*[friends’ number]# or SMS Remove 081xxxx to 127

You’ll receive a success message as shown below:


Another Way to Share/Unshare Data Plan on Glo

Alternatively, you can visit hsi.glo.com as it’s the easiest and fastest method.


  1. Visit the website with the Glo sim in question
  2.  Locate the 3 icons by the side and select the account option.
  3. Log in, and you’ll be shown the shared subscription or shared data option.
  4. Tap on it and all contacts will show, you can proceed to remove them by clicking the X icon on each of them.
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That’s all.

Why can’t I unshare a contact after Expired Glo Subscription?

If you shared your data to friends due to large data on your sim and wish to unshare data after the bundle have been exhausted, then there’s a probability that you will face an error in the process.

What to do is really tactical and stress-free and it’s good you know about it in case you come across the issue.

According to Glo Customer Care:

You can only remove or add a contact from your shared data subscription if and only if you have minimum available data of 200mb and above.

So, the above quote says it all, recharge and subscribe to Glo N200 4days plan and then proceed to remove all friends on your data sharing list.


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