How to Check Who has Read your Message in a WhatsApp Group

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way you can see the list of people who have viewed the message you sent in a group chat before? If YES then wonder no more because we’re going to drop a detailed guide on how to check who has read your message in a WhatsApp Group.

Luckily, this feature works even with the recently updated official Whatsapp app which implies that you don’t need to use any of modded version of Whatsapp to utilize this feature and I think this feature is a must use for everyone especially when the message been sent is directed to a specific person In the group.
With the aid of this feature; you’ll be able to see participants who have interacted with your message in the following categories;
  • Seen (Read your message and ignored/replied)
  • Delivered (Got a notif but yet to open)
  • Remaining Participants (Those yet to receive your message)
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Although some modded version of Whatsapp has this feature before now which will make some users see the feature as a normal thing but for those of us on the normal WhatsApp or who aren’t aware of this WhatsApp superpower should continue reading…

How to Know who Have Interacted with Your Message in a WhatsApp Group

It’s quite easy; no much logic required, just follow the below guide with image illustration provided and you’ll get it right.
  1. Firstly, launch your Whatsapp app,
  2. locate any Whatsapp group to which you’ve sent a message before now OR send a message to any preferred group,
  3. Now, make sure the message has been sent with the tick confirming it,
  4. Next, click and hold on the message to highlight it,
  5. Click on the 3-dotted-icons to expand,
  6. Select “Info” from the dropdown menu,
  7. That’s it, you’ll be shown a list of those who’ve seen your message and those who are yet to do so.
  8. You can also scroll down the list to see those who ignored your message.
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That’s all.
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