How to Resize Multiple Images on Windows 10

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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You can now resize multiple pictures on windows 10 with just a click directly from the file explorer without the use of launching any image editor.

This comes in handy for web designers, bloggers and graphic designers e.t.c who would like to reduce their image size without losing its quality in the course.

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This easy bulk resizing is made possible by an “Image resizer” Module which is included in Microsoft PowerToys, a free suite of utilities for Windows 10 users.

Once the Image resizer tool has been installed correctly then you can choose multiple images from your folder and bulk resize them to pre-configured or custom size.

without wasting much time, let see how to resize and crop multiple images at once on Windows 10.

How to Bulk Resize Photos on Windows 10 at Once

Firstly, you have to download Microsoft PowerToy because it isn’t installed by default into your PC.

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  • Download Microsoft PowerToys from Microsoft’s website ( Look for an EXE file such as “PowerToysSetup-0.27.1-x64.exe”.  Download and run the file.)
  • After Installation, launch PowerToys as admin,
  • Navigate to Image Resizer from the sidebar and tick on “Enable Image Resizer
  • You can also set your image sizes here and also decide the encoding format which you want the resized images to be saved with. I,e JPEG, PNG.
  • Finally, the “File” section lets you specify the resized images’ file name format. The default includes the original file name plus the size you selected.
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2020 12 29 01 32 45
2020 12 29 01 33 18
2020 12 29 02 11 42

However, you don’t need to make these changes to use the Image resizer tool, its just relevant for flexibility and mastering how to tweak your images.

Now, close the PowerToys window and try resizing files in file explorer.

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  1. Firstly, locate the images you want to resize and mark them all,
  2. Right-click on them,
  3. Select “Resize Pictures” from the menu
  4. An image resizer window will open. Choose the image size and other options (optional) and click on “Resize
  5. Once done, the resized image will be added to the same folder as the original image. 
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You can repeat the above step with as many pictures you like. Pretty WOO!

That’s all on how to bulk resize images on windows.

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