Spywares - How to Know When Apps Access your Microphone and Camera on Android

How do you know if installed apps are secretly accessing your android microphone and camera to spy on you or collect important information about you?
Privacy is quite important but there are certain malicious apps we install that come with spyware that accesses our microphone and camera randomly without our notice.

Unfortunately, there's no valid method of detecting when any of these Spywares are at work for android devices, unlike iOS and iPad devices that have indicators when these apps are accessed.

Now, the good news is that; we'll be introducing you to an app that will notify you with an indicator dot whenever your camera or microphone is been used and will also help you keep a log of all activities, although, android shows when apps are accessing your location, it lacks these indicators.

The app we’ll be using to bring this functionality over to Android is called “Access Dots.” It mimics the coloured dots that are present on the iPhone and iPad. The app is easy to set up and gives you more information about what apps are doing in the background.

How to See When Apps Access Your Camera and Microphone on Android

  1. Firstly, download Access Dots – iOS 14 cam/mic access indicators from google play store and launch it
  2. You'll see a toggle to activate Access Dots, turn it on
  3. Next, you'll be directed to the Accessibility settings menu on your android so you can enable it to run as an Accessibility Service.
  4. Now, tick "Use Access Dots" to proceed,
  5. A pop up will surface asking to verify the permission grant to "Access Dots", click on "Allow"
That's all.
Now, the app is up and running, however, you might want to customize some feature, simply,
  •  Click on the settings icon in the Access dots home menu
  • Here you can change the colour, location and size of the dots.
Lastly, as I said earlier, you can also keep track of apps that access your camera and microphone in an ordered sequence to do this;
  • Simply launch the Access Dots app and click on the clock icon at the rear end of the app to check the history.
This is a nice little app to keep tabs on any apps that may be accessing your sensors in the background without your permission.

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