How to Extract Downloaded Music From Audiomack To Internal Storage

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Ever wondered where the music downloads you make on audiomack player goes to? Yes, they all remain saved in the app which makes it unsharable via xender, Bluetooth nor either playable by other media players.

extract audiomack songs to internal storage

In the quest of making audio mack songs accessible; most persons make use of an online audiomack converter that consumes data processing the file and other processes that aren’t necessary.

Nevertheless, I’m going to show you how to extract downloaded audio files from audiomack and save them in .mp3 formats enabling you to play them with your local music player and also share them with friends.

The only demerit is that the below guide only works for Android users, in the meantime; ill update IOS users on how to go about removing apps from audiomack soon.


  • X-Plore App – Download HERE
  • Audiomack Player App – Download from Playstore
  • Downloaded music to extract from audiomack’
  • Sort your downloads according to the newest order (Default settings),
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You can do so by,

  1. Launch your Audiomack
  2. Click on “My Library” > select Sort by Newest.
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That’s all.

How to Extract Downloaded Audio from Audiomack

  • Download and launch the “X-plore” app
  • Expand the  “Internal Shared Storage” by clicking on it
  • Click on Android > Data 
  • Now, Locate com.audiomack > files > audiomack
  • You’ll see files named with 8digits numbers (these are your downloaded songs on audiomack and shouldn’t be deleted.
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Remember to sort the files by newest so that the files won’t confuse you when renaming them to your preferred title.

  • Next, rename those numbers according to the correct song title as seen in your audiomack app with the .mp3 extension. e.g (rename 217110914 to POP Smoke – Meet the Woo.mp3 or Meet the Woo,mp3)
  • Once you’re done with renaming the files, move them to a folder where other of your songs are located.
  • Now, open any media player and you’ll find your downloaded music from audiomack in mp3 format ready to be played and sent.
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That’s it.
You’ve successfully learnt how to remove downloaded audio from audiomack to your internal storage, ready to be sent and played on any media player.
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