How To Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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By default, there’s no feature on Facebook that allows you to check person’s that viewed your Facebook profile but in this post; we’ll learn how to do that easily.

How To Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Most articles we find online usually recommend we use tools and bots to monitor visits on our account which is advisable.

You can’t tell if a bot or tool main objective is to hack your Facebook account or gain access to your data, whatever case it might be; I don’t encourage using any of those.

Although knowing who check up on your Facebook page isn’t something you should put your heart on but you can still read up for the knowledge sake, so you can implement it when necessary.

In summary, you should be able to track who viewed your Facebook profile without stress after going through the below article.

How To View People Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

This can be easily done with the use of a PC but for the sake of those who aren’t in possession of one, I’ll share an alternate way of checking persons who viewed your Facebook page.

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  1. Launch any browser on your PC or mobile
  2. Visit the Facebook homepage with your account sign in (
  3. Now, navigate to your profile
  4. Next, PC users should “Right Click” and select “Page SourceOR alternatively you can hold the “Ctrl + U” keys.
  5. Meanwhile, mobile users should add “view-source:” to the link box and enter. I.e “” to “view-source:” in desktop view.
  6. You’ll see some codes which you might not really understand, however, to get what we want simply click “CTRL + F” on PC ORFind in Page” on mobile.
  7. Now type “activelist” in the search box and hit enter to search
  8. You’ll see 15digits with colon attached to them, each of these is the account ID of all the Facebook profiles that have checked on your account.
  9. Next, to confirm the users, simply copy any of the 15 digits and paste it into your browser in this format; “” and hit enter.
  10. You can proceed to repeat this for all ID on the page if you’re chanced.
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That’s it.

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I think with this little explanation above you should be able to see who visited your Facebook profile without the use of any third-party app.

However, if you find any step confusing, simply drop a comment below and we’ll reply with a fix as soon as possible,

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