How to Identify a Private Caller Identity for Free {Working Method}

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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I am going to show you how to get the phone numbers of users who hide their caller ID before calling you.

unveil caller id

When a caller hides his/her caller ID and calls your line, all you’ll see is a private caller or no caller ID  with no assigned phone number which most persons are frightened to pick up calls of this sort.

However, Different persons have different reasons for hiding his/her caller ID, some of which include; privacy, anonymity and the rest.

Inclusively, scammers always hide their numbers while calling you; so that you can’t be able to get through to them.

Without much talk, let’s see one of the proven ways I’ve used in the past weeks to unveil private callers and call them right back with their real numbers.

How to call back a Private Number for Free

This works flawlessly without the use of the internet, app or software, nevertheless, the only demerit is that I don’t know if all mobile phones can perform this task.

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Nevertheless, give it a try on your phone and see if it works, I’ve tried it on Camon 16s and its Premier and it worked perfectly.

  1. Once the Private call comes in,
  2. Simply pick it up but this time press the record button and make sure to record the conversation between you and the caller even if it’s for a min.
  3. Now, navigate to your file manager > Internal Storage > PhoneRecord.
  4. You’ll see all the recordings saved in the real phone number of the private caller.
  5. You can open them and play the recordings for confirmation.
Screenshot 20210311 102842
Screenshot 20210311 102921
Screenshot 20210311 102944

You can also proceed to call the person back with his real number and leave him shocked.

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N.B: if this doesn’t work for your phone then you should try the trick on another phone.

I think it works on all v9 and v10 phones, I haven’t tried it on an IOS device yet.

You can try that and give us feedback via the comment box below.

That’s all about revealing a hidden number for free within seconds without the use of any software.

Kindly drop a comment below and share the post of it worked for you.

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