How to Disable the Power Button on Window’s 10

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Do you know you can assign another function to your power button when it’s been hit? If you’re used to accidentally shutting down your PC when its in use, well, here’s a way to either disable the power button or make it do something else.

It sounds weird but most people accidentally press their power button causing them to lose their current work which is quite stressful.
However, with the below steps, you’ll have lots of options to configure the power button to sleep, hibernate or do nothing.
To change the way the computer’s power button works in Windows 10 you’ll have to do that in your control panel,
  1. Firstly, launch the Control Panel by typing “Control” in the Start menu and hit Enter.
  2. Navigate to “Hardware and Sound.”
  3. Locate the “Power Options” and click “Change what the power buttons do
  4. Now, under “Power and Sleep Button Settings” click the drop-down menu beside “When I Press the Power Button“.
You’ll be presented with several choices for when the PC is on Battery and when its been plugged in. Below are the options and what they do;
  • Do Nothing: When you hit the power button, nothing happens.
  • Sleep: Your PC goes into a low-power sleep mode but stays running.
  • Hibernate: Your PC saves the current state of your memory on disk and shuts down. All your sessions can be resumed later when you power back up.
  • Shut Down: This is the default action, it shuts down Windows and powers off the PC.
  • Turn off the Display: Your display turns off, but your PC keeps running.
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Now, to avoid losing your work when you hit the power button; I suggest you select any option aside from the “Shutdown” option, this will prevent accidental shutdowns.
Nevertheless, If you don’t want any interruption as a result of touching the power button, choose “Do Nothing“.
Next, click “Save changes” and close the control panel.
That’s all.
You can confirm changes by hitting the power button and seeing it function as you’ve programmed, you can still shut down by pressing “ALT  + F4” and selecting shutdown from the drop-down. 
Alternatively, you can repeat the above step and set the power button to shut down on the press.
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