Google Set to Integrate Two-Factor Authentication by Default to Users

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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The Tech Giant, Google has revealed in a statement that it will enable 2-factor Authentication by default for all users in the nearest future.

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The importance of 2-FA on your google account is to curb unauthorized access into your Google account, so, with this new update, persons who are in possession of your mail and password won’t gain access to your account until they authenticate by tapping a prompt that’ll pop up from a device you’re already signed into.

According to a blog post, the company said it will start asking users who already have two-factor authentication enabled on their account to authenticate by clicking on a prompt on their smartphones whenever they are signing into their Gmail or Google accounts.

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The 2FA will then be automatically rolled out for every user once it has analysed how much it takes for existing 2FA users to interact with these mobile prompts.

Google’s senior director of product management, Mark Risher also stated that”Using their mobile devices to sign in gives people a safer and more authentication experience than passwords alone” (On-phone alerts are more secure than SMS Messages, which can be manipulated.)

Historically, 2FA has been considered a tedious and challenging thing to set up. But, for many users, that’s no longer the case“. He added.

Although Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security to your account, it has been something that companies and sites have been reluctant to put on their site because they believe it might discourage users from trying or using their services.

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Well, since Google is making it default on their site; I foresee many companies will follow the tech Giants’ footsteps.

Finally, Users can decide to opt out of Google’s 2FA if they change their mind but just know that it’s all part of Google’s push for a future where you won’t need a password to sign in.

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