How to Upload Media Without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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WhatsApp users have always noticed a reduction in the quality of their media uploads especially status updates on the messaging app and have complained severally about it. 

Fortunately, you can now change WhatsApp upload quality on your Android and iPhone devices. 

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Well, in the new WhatsApp update; WhatsApp has finally brought a fix to this issue as you can now upload high-quality media’s such as pictures, videos, and status included without losing its quality once your account is configured.

Basically the option “Better quality” which was introduced will allow you to adjust the image or video you send to high quality, ideal when you want to make sure the originality remains intact. 

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Without wasting much time, let’s see how to send photos and videos in their highest quality via WhatsApp, Without losing quality on Android and iPhone.

How to Upload High-Quality Photos, Videos & Status to WhatsApp Without Losing Quality.

Before you continue with the below guide, it’s advisable you update your WhatsApp messenger from the play store else you can’t relate to some of the instructions we’ll be giving below. 

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In addition, the below guide works for both the WhatsApp Business app and the Whatsapp Messenger app users. 

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  1. Launch your Whatsapp Messenger or Whatsapp Business app
  2. Navigate to “Settings” by clicking on the   3-vertical dots by the right.
  3. Select “Storage & Data
  4. Scroll down to locate the “Media Upload Quality” Section
  5. Now, change the “Photo Upload Quality” to “Best Quality“. 

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change whatsapp upload quality

That’s it. 

Remember, this media upload quality is only available on the latest update from WhatsApp. 

So, update your WhatsApp messenger, follow the above guide and start uploading high-quality pictures on WhatsApp. 

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