Universal Windows Platform – WhatsApp Beta now Available for Windows, MacOS Users

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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It has come to our notice that WhatsApp is making a new build of WhatsApp Beta (PC), the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows and macOS users.

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Once these new apps are rolled out; Windows and macOS users can now install a new beta application to use WhatsApp through the Universal Windows Platform — different from WhatsApp Desktop. 

According to WabetaInfo: 

The new Windows app requires multi-device features, so it doesn’t need your phone to be connected to the Internet to work. The app is a beta version, but we have tested it and it’s incredibly stable because it is native and it uses fewer resources than WhatsApp Desktop, even if some features are still missing: it’s a very good replacement for the current WhatsApp Desktop app.” 

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For those users who would like to test the beta version of the app, you can do that by clicking here to download the Whatsapp Beta app from the Microsoft store. 

Then link both devices by scanning the QR code after which your chats will be synchronized and you’ll be able to test the new WhatsApp beta app for pc.

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Since it’s a Universal Windows platform, it’ll need Windows 8, 10, or newer versions to run.

Also, note that this is still a beta app, so some features (like archived chats, status updates, stickers) are missing: they will be added in the next updates.

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In addition, The app is under development now, so you cannot normally find it on the Microsoft store.

You can also decide to give feedback on what you think of the new update by clicking the Feedback button on the app.

In summary, The Universal Windows Platform app for WhatsApp is under development, so it will be officially released in the future.

However, the release dates for both — macOS Catalyst and the Universal Windows Platform app — are unknown.

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