How to Check Your Android Device Battery Health

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Unlike iPhone devices, Android devices don’t have an option that allows users to check their device battery health which at times kills or thwarts the long-term usability of your phone’s battery.

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Most people do confuse a device battery life and its battery health to be alike which aren’t so, let me break it down a bit so you can know what we’re talking about in this article.

A device battery life entails about the total a device runs before it needs to be recharged“, Meanwhile, “a device battery health talks about how long a battery should last on a full charge”.

So, you get the difference now? Now let’s proceed on how to how to check on the battery health of your Android phone.

How to check on the battery health of your Android phone

Some android manufacturer such as Samsung has system apps that enable users to check their device battery status without any third party app installed.

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If you’re a Samsung user then you should quickly navigate to the play store and download the Samsung Members before proceeding with the below steps.

Samsung Members – DOWNLOAD HERE

1. Launch the “Samsung Members” app on your Samsung device and launch it

2. Click on “Diagnostics” on the home page to be redirected to a page where you can test and manage the functionality of all your hardware such as,

  • Battery Status
  • NFC
  • Sim Card
  • Senors
  • Torch
  • Touch Screen
  • SD Card
  • Speaker
  • Mic
  • Camera
  • Cable Charging
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Connection, e,t.c
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3. Click on the “Battery Status” option to proceed with the testing

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4. Now, you’ll see the information about your battery health which should either read as “Good“, “Normal“, or “Weak

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That’s it for Samsung users.

Meanwhile, if you don’t possess a Samsung device then you can only know your battery health through the usage of other third-party apps that offers such functionality.

AccuBattery has been proven to help calculate your android battery health in the absence of a build in-app, but it has some demerits.

Demerits such as; it will only start recording data after you install it. After a few charge/discharge cycles, you’ll be able to see reading for battery health.

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Although your device battery health is not something you need to worry much about since you can easily replace it anytime.

It can be also nice knowing your battery is still working as it should.

That’s all on checking your Android device battery health.

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