How to Poke a Friend on Facebook {New Method}

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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The Facebook poke feature has been on since the chat app was unveiled, its main job is to help you get the attention of friends or clients on the messenger app

Although, unlike old times where the poke button is attached close to a friend’s name, the feature has been revamped and hidden, as a matter of fact; most persons have forgotten that the feature exists.

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Poking works for anyone as long as they’re on your friend list and they can equally poke you back to indicate that they’ve noticed you or send you a message instead.

The feature is limited to those on your friend list to prevent abuse of the feature and getting unwanted poke notifications from strangers.

That’s all you need to know about the job of the poke button, now, let’s get to see how to Poke our Facebook friends on desktop mode or via the Facebook app.

How to Poke a Friend on Facebook Website on PC

If you’re signed with either a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop device on your preferred browser, you can poke a user by signing in via the Facebook website.

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  • Launch your browser,
  • Paste this link ( to visit the pokes page on Facebook {Make sure you log in to your Facebook account}
  • Now, you’ll see a list of your friends you can poke, you can also use the search box to locate specific persons.
  • Once you’ve located the person of interest, hit the Poke Button next to the name.
  • That’s it, Facebook will send a notification to the user notifying them of the poke action.
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He can reciprocate by clicking the Poke Back button.

How to Poke a Facebook Friend using the Facebook App.

Now, since the feature is hidden on the app, I’ll show you how to Poke a friend on Facebook using the Facebook app(Not Facebook Lite) on your Android, iOS or iPad device.

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  • Now, open the Facebook app with your account and sign in
  • Locate the search icon at the top right side, type “POKES” and hit the “Enter” button.
  • You’ll see a Facebook shortcut called “Pokes” which allows you to poke friends, Click on it.
  • Now, on the pokes page; locate or search for users of your choice and click on the Poke button beside their names.
  • You can also send back pokes by clicking on the poke back button next to the user’s name.
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And that’s it on using the poking your friend on Facebook, also remember not to spam your friends with this feature. Pole responsibly!!

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That’s all on pokes.

If you notice any poke spam on your account, you can block the use and they won’t be able to poke you again.

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