How to Get the Mirror Image of a Photo Using Microsoft Word

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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A mirror image is simply how a picture will look like when faced with the mirror; just like the reverse image of you while standing in front of the mirror (Reflection).

This tip is essential if you want to print a photo in a flipped perspective.

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Luckily, this can be achieved with the use of Microsoft Word for Windows, With just a few clicks and you’ll get a mirror image of a selected picture.

There are three ways to flip an image on Microsoft Word depending on the version of Microsoft Word(Web or App) you’re on, you can try any of the means that suit your preference.

First Method

1. Getting Mirror Image Using Microsoft Word Online

This method works for those who don’t have the Microsoft word app installed on their laptops, they can easily edit a word document through the online version and still get the mirror image of any attached picture. Here’s how.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word Online ( > Select “Insert” from the menus at the top
  2. Navigate to “Pictures” from the list and click on it > Choose the location where the photo is and select it.
  3. Now, right-click on the image and select “Format Picture” or type it in the “Search” box
  4. Go to the “Rotation” tab and change the “” input to “360°
  5. Watch your image become an exact mirrored copy of the original image.
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1 AVvXsEh l2r9wtUyrNNd9UgIp6Au8E2RPnmlbNNV7Tza7h8KLFOExfci QAY5CmjNSQUOkWDOT5LrSEh23VgGrHosVb6g705Tp96hdYb9HOW5R5rjL7TbpN7GC2 7QUIeZeYS3yMeQitvESY R2SN9gIEgu ffE
1 AVvXsEgMFMTgiUeQdOh1LGyDF8M8qgKS1n4weMtKFYpKGsBMzgcOOE5ERJDBo3rcaHeH4gMK7QEWS45b0NXcsJUQcmRX3rne1agk4lR9jlNMurhamV7OGTFhsOXaX2X29GUMma14TN1V410VUdMCl3U4DyLmIOiEJAZpLeIsS2Dgfez0N5FDWHj ICifzR6s320
That’s it.

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Second Method

2. Getting Mirror Image Using 3-D Rotation Method

  1. Open your Microsoft Word on your PC > Select “Insert” from the menus at the top
  2. Navigate to “Pictures” from the list and click on it > Choose the location where the photo is and select it.
  3. Now, right-click on the image and select “Format Picture” > Move to 3-D Rotation under the effects
  4. Click the arrow to expand the 3-D rotation
  5. Now, change the X-Rotation to “180°by typing it into the box > You can also rotate by hitting the arrows next to the image.
1 AVvXsEhvavfjsUPAUZzQZMxxd793gXuJlCby1OgxLXQWcGj9H rTn5FTrskNeXVkjarcEDbP0Q02VN6wlyV2en
AVvXsEh2ZNlVd0BviPZnDuExvKjvLzfq2gohac238gihPGOUxlLo2ynCiIla2QksjBkYoICoDyeLPGPEQTAOGlldtH3k4wGtOu6lHptVc rHxRIWcbrLdE1xSApr1I6 7M06D4zXfEW6XLK0HoxZHAsY4PnnjVxjCfnnG7ywoVBBoZ91gJI4oEXL6iBqjTLtw208 h400

Once the X Rotation is set to 180 degrees, the selected image will be an exact mirrored copy of the original image.

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That’s it.

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Third Method

3. Getting Mirror Image Using Drag Method

This method seems to be the easiest of all and that’s why we’ve decided to discuss it as the last one in case you find any of the above steps difficult to implement.

  1. Launch Microsoft word > Insert your Picture in any context.
  2. Click on the image to select it
  3. Drag the right handle to the left and you’ll have your mirror image with ease.

The only demerit of generating a mirror image in word this way is that it can be hard getting the image to an exact 180°

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That’s it.

Kindly share and drop a comment below if you successfully generated a mirror image using Microsoft word.

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