How to Reset Stolen Airpods so it can't be Tracked

If you're wondering if you can be able to reset stolen AirPods on your iPhone so it can't be tracked by the owner then you're on the right page.

Although it's no news that Apple devices come with tight security that makes any stolen gadgets useless until either unlocked or bypassed.

I don't encourage theft, but if you find yourself in a situation where you don't want to return stolen or borrowed AirPods, then you can follow the below tips to factory reset the AirPods so that they can't be tracked by the owner or the police.

Can Someone Use Stolen Airpods?

Yes, A stolen Airpod can be used by a new user as long as the device is in range of connection by simply paring to the airport device.

Can my Stolen Airpods be Tracked?

No, it is impossible to track stolen AirPods since they don’t have their own internet connection (no Wi-Fi or cellular).

The "Find my AirPods" feature is in place to help you locate misplaced AirPods that are close to you i.e. under the bed, between a cushion,  inside a jacket, etc. by emitting a loud sound. It doesn't display the AirPods on a map.

However, it could still be helpful if you suspected somebody had switched your AirPods and is still close by as well.

How to Reset Stolen Airpods

Firstly, it's essential that before connecting an Airpod to your iPhone, it's advisable to reset it so you can't be tracked easily. Now, to reset AirPods to factory reset without your iPhone, follow the below guide.

  1. Insert the stolen AirPods into their charger case and close
  2. Wait for a few seconds then open the lids
  3. On your iPhone device, go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the "i" in the circle next to your AirPods and hit forget the device to remove the device. (this step is for persons who have paired to the device before reading this article)
  4. Now, to reset your AirPods and prevent tracking, leave them in the case with the lid open
  5. Next, you should locate a button on the back of the charger case, simply hold the button for some time until the light located between the AirPods begins to flash white or amber.
  6. Finally, reconnect your reset AirPods to your device and use them freely without fear of being tracked.

That's all on how to reset stolen AirPods and stop them from being tracked.

The above airport reset guide works for both Original And Second-Generation ‌AirPods‌.


Can my Lost Airpods be Tracked?

Yes, it is very possible to track lost or misplaced AirPods from your iPhone device.

Since the AirPods don’t have their own internet connection (no Wi-Fi or cellular), you can’t actually locate or access them “remotely” per se — they have to be within Bluetooth range of your iPhone or other iOS devices, which basically means in the same house.

Simply sign in to your iCloud and navigate to your iPhone's "Find My" page. If your AirPods is still connected to your device then you should see the other place where it has been connected.

can someone reset stolen AirPods

Yes, it is very possible with the guide on this page.

Can I Find my Stolen Airpods with Serial Number?

No, they can't be tracked using their serial number but can be tracked from your connected device if it hasn't been reset.

If my Airpods are Stolen and Reset can they be Tracked

No, it's practically impossible to track stolen AirPods that have been reset by the new user.

How to Return a Found Airpods

There are quite several things to do with misplaced or stolen AirPods:

  • Place a signpost where you found them.
  • Give them to your local law agency
  • Give it out
  • Take it for personal use.

What to do if I lost one Airpods?

If your AirPods get damaged or lost accidentally, you can replace the damaged item for an out-of-warranty fee. If you lose an AirPod or your Charging Case, we can replace your lost item for a fee.


With the below tips I'm sure you should be able to reset stolen AirPods. Do well to notify us if you encounter any difficulty during the process.

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