9 Things you Can’t Say on Tiktok

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Tiktok might look like a platform that supports free speech but there are certain things you can’t say on your tiktoks, comment sections and even private messages.

Things banned on tiktok

These are very sensitive words that will get you in trouble if used. You may be surprised by just how guilt-free some of them are.

Censorship has been a major concern on Tiktok for years and it’s not just when it comes to politics or racism. Some words are filtered by default to trigger warnings or limitations to the account.

Meanwhile, certain words might get you banned from TikTok, and some unofficially banned words might limit the number of people that can reach your Tiktok videos.

To avoid bans, most content creators often use asterisks or emojis to cover for vulgar words such as f**k, or [email protected], e.t.c

How many Violations to Get Banned on TikTok

You’ll only be issued a warning once by Tiktok, the second warning either comes with a temporarily or permanently ban. You can see more about content violations and bans here.

However, to ban an account using the report tool, you need just 5 to 6 persons to report the account and it’ll be queried by TikTok. However, this doesn’t guarantee account deletion or a permanent ban.

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9 Surprising Things you Can’t Say on Tiktok

Having known these, now, let’s see 9 things you can’t say on TikTok to avoid using the words in your Tiktok videos, comments and even private chats.

I’ll be updating this site with the list when I get more, so you can always bookmark this page for easy reference.

  1. Cigarette(s)
  2. Dead
  3. Vulgar word (Swear words)
  4. Pissed
  5. Ammunitions (Guns)
  6. Any word related to sexual reproductive organs
  7. Bean apparently (saw people censoring it)
  8. Hole/Whole/Ole
  9. Thick/Thicc


  • Naked
  • Ewww
  • Any numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – type it in its word form instead) – in rare cases.

Cigarette (s)

Although the seller denotes that “smokers are liable to die young”  in most cases is very true – most persons still smoke to date. Irrespective of that, TikTok doesn’t like when you mention cigarettes on their platform.


Funny enough TikTok doesn’t allow you to say the word dead on its platform for reasons best known to them. We know it isn’t a fun word either is it a vulgar word.

Vulgar Word

Tiktok doesn’t allow curse words or exchange of vulgar Words between two users as they will likely get violation messages.

Although, Swear words are filtered by default but you can change them in the settings.

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We don’t know the reasons why but you’ll likely get into trouble for saying this.

Ammunitions (Weapons)

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, Tiktok in a bid to protect its users doesn’t allow the use of any type of guns or ammunition during conversations. You are likely to be penalised if you do so.

Any word related to sexual reproductive organs

This comprises of words used by scientists to describe the human reproductive organs. Interestingly, you can use the slang version of this word to avoid being penalised.

Some of these words include dick, vagina e.t.c which at times might be used in different contexts but it’s advisable to use slang while portraying them.


Bean is what creepy men and child groomers/abusers use to refer to a clit (typically on a minor/preteen girl). It can also be referred to as a cannabis seed.

So, having bean or anything related to it on your Tiktok can get your account or video flagged.


This innocent word has been flagged by TikTok probably because it can also be used to portray certain parts of the human body even though it has so many wider uses.


Thick which means the weight of something has been flagged probably due to the substitution of the letter ‘k’ into ‘c’ changing it to Thicc representing the opposite of the initial word.

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So, for this little adjustment, the word thick has been banned alongside Thicc so you’ve to watch how you use these words.

That’s it.

Now you’ve known what words are banned from the comment sections, private chats and TikToks.

It’s quite funny because most users might be using these words without knowing that a ban/violation has been placed on them. Nevertheless, I’m glad you’ve known now and you should know not to use these words on Tiktok.

How to get Unbanned from Tiktok

You can submit an appeal to TikTok using the appeal link in the permanent ban email. You can learn more about account safety on TikTok here.


Well, we’ve seen some surprising things or words you can’t say on TikTok of which some of them aren’t officially banned but can get you a violation warning or restrictions to your video audience.

Meanwhile, That doesn’t mean some bans aren’t good as they’ll help regulate and maintain a proper chatting and streaming environment for all age groups.

Hope this post was helpful?

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