How to Get Free TikTok Coins 2023

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Do you know you can get free TikTok coins?  Well, read up as I walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to earn free coins on TikTok

1 Free tiktok coins

Tiktok coins are virtual gifts which can be sent to hosts on live video and can be in turn exchanged for money once they’ve accumulated it to a given threshold.

NOTE: This tutorial is location-based, USA residents might have difficulties using the below free TikTok coin accumulation guide.

Also, TikTok has provided a means where users can buy and Recharge their TikTok balance for a little fee. Although, not everyone can waste his/her money on a virtual coin. 

So, if you fall in the category of those who can’t purchase with their money but would like to earn free coins on TikTok then this article is for you. 

This isn’t limited to people under this category, you can also follow the below guide for reasons such as; 

  • If you aren’t buoyant to purchase the coin 
  • Your card or method of payment is being declined 
  • You’ll love to add to the one in your coin balance 
  • Just for fun and so on…

The only proven way to get free coins on TikTok is through treasure box hunting, although it’s time-consuming; it’s worthwhile if you’ve got a good internet connection and speed.

What is Tiktok Treasure Box? 

The treasure box is a time-based interaction box that is put in place by Tiktok to engage Live Viewers. It allows the host or any random viewer to share some of their virtual coins with other live participants.

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The sender can decide to set a custom amount or a standard amount of coin to distribute and also the number of persons that can benefit from the treasure box.

In addition, you can input the desired timing from 3 minutes to 5 minutes with a maximum of 10,000  coins per treasure box. Although the standard amounts have a predefined time attached to them.

However, there are other rules guiding the treasure box feature, such as; 

  1. The number of coins must be higher than the number of grabbers 
  2. You can only give out a maximum of 100,000 coins daily 
  3. The Treasure box expires after 10 minutes
  4. Treasure boxes are displayed in order of creation (if more than one)
  5. The treasure box can’t be cancelled once sent
  6. Coins will only be refunded if there are coins remaining after the treasure box expires or the host ends the love before the box expires.
  7. Everyone can participate including the host
  8. You can’t substitute coins accumulated these ways for money.

There are many more rules guiding the treasure box but we aren’t discussing them in this article, you can navigate to TikTok to read more about the TikTok treasure box terms and conditions. 

Without wasting much time, let’s see how to get free TikTok coins from treasure boxes displayed on TikTok live streams. 

How to Earn Free Coins on TikTok

Unlike the coins gotten from our live streams by gifters/senders, we can’t convert coins gotten from the treasure box to their money equivalent since it’ll reflect in our coin balance rather than live gifts. 

Also, there’s no specific account that you can earn from that’s why I called it a treasure box hunt, so the lower the number of people in the live stream – the higher your chance of earning a free coin. 

You could even as much as 15 – 20 coins per treasure box depending on the sender’s preference and how fast your internet connection is too. 

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  1. Open the Tiktok App 
  2. Tap on the Live icon located at the top left corner of the app 
  3. Switch through hosts live by swiping up  
  4. Once you see a box-like icon with a timer attached to it (located at the top left corner of your screen), Tap on it
  5. It’ll reveal the details of the treasure box including the number of people that can collect and the decreasing timer 
  6. Wait until the timer reaches 0:00 and click on Open 
  7. You can either gain from the treasure box or get an empty box (coins have been collected by others)
1 Get free TikTok coins

That’s it. 

You can slide up and continue your Tiktok coin hunting until you’re lucky times and times again.

Continually doing this will earn you free coins which you can in turn gift to other hosts or you can gift your main account in return.

1 TikTok Gifts

Remember I said you can’t exchange coins earned this way for money, so you can engage in the treasure hunting with a backup account and then gift them to your main account when you go live after which you can now withdraw them once it hits the $1000 diamond threshold.

You can check your treasure box history from the coins history section on your TikTok account.

How to Send a Treasure Box 

If the treasure box feature is supported in your country of residence and you’re up to age 18 – 19 years and would love to send a treasure box to participants of a Tiktok live. Here’s a simple guide for that. 

  1. Login to TikTok and locate any Live Host 
  2. Tap on the Gift 🎁 located at the lower right corner of the screen 
  3. Select Treasure Box(Interaction) right under the rose gift 
  4. You can either select a standard treasure box generated by Tiktok based on the number of people on the love chat 
  5. Or you can click on other options to send a custom treasure box 
  6. Input the total number of coins, the number of people and a count-down period between 5 minutes. 
  7. Click on the “Send” button and the treasure box will be sent out.

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That’s it. 

Both old and new participants will see and partake in the treasure box if it hasn’t expired or coins haven’t been collected by other persons. 

Even you the sender can participate in the treasure box. 

FAQs on Free Tiktok Coins 

Can I Convert free TikTok coins to money? 

No, TikTok coins earned this way can’t be exchanged for money but can be gifted to other live hosts or participants. 

Can a Treasure Box be Reversed when sent?

A treasure box can only be reversed in rare cases where the host cancels the love before the treasure box expires or there are coins unclaimed in an expired treasure box.

Are there other ways to get free coins on TikTok?

Yes, there are websites that gift you a certain amount of coins for completing certain takes but I don’t recommend them. Most of them do steal your data by requesting you to sign-up and provide certain verifications.

The best way to get free TikTok coins is through treasure box hunting on live streams.


Getting free coins on TikTok isn’t as easy as it sounds as there are a lot of participants waiting for the same count-down period to elapse.

Nevertheless, if you spare more time and explore more live events in the Tiktok environment then you might be fortunate to grab between 50 – 100 free TikTok coins daily.

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