How to Reset Galaxy Buds: 4 Easy Steps

Here's a complete guide on resetting your Galaxy pods if they run into a software problem.

Galaxy Buds are the Samsung version of the Apple Airpods. They’re made specifically for Samsung users but can be used on any device.

Nevertheless, sometimes you’ll encounter difficulties connecting your Buds to your device, playing music on your buds and other minor glitches requiring you to reset your Galaxy Buds.

There are two ways to reset your Galaxy Buds: using the Samsung wearable app or via the button on the Galaxy Buds case.

Resetting your Galaxy Buds with the wearable app seems to be the main deal, but you’ll surely need to also know how to Reset your earbuds without an app.

Highlighted below are some reasons you might consider Resetting your Galaxy Buds.

  • Buds Not Charging
  • Unable to pair with a new device
  • Unable to pair with previously paired devices
  • Buds Not updating
  • Frequent disconnection from an audio source
  • Sound Irregularities on Buds
  • Reselling or gifting out
  • Minor Software Glitch

Without reasonable doubt, Galaxy buds are ideal for listening to music because of their noise-cancelling feature, but they’re not above errors.

Also, in most cases, connection issues might be from your phone - because you’ve reached the maximum number of paired devices - and would need to forget some of them to establish a new connection.

You can also consider Resetting your Galaxy Buds if you’re giving them out or Reselling them. This will erase Bud's memory and make it look anew.

Nevertheless, charging or Resetting your Galaxy Buds might fix the problem, so you can consider recharging or Resetting your buds first. If the problem persists, then you can resort to initiating a reset action.

How to Restart Galaxy Buds

You can restart your Galaxy Buds by inserting them into their charging case for a few minutes and bringing them out afterward.

Irrespective of the earbud manufacturer, you can restart most of them by inserting them into their case.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, then you can consider performing a reset action on your Galaxy Buds.

Steps to Resetting Galaxy Buds with Samsung Wearable App

The Samsung wearable app isn’t available for iPhone devices, so you must manually reset your buds from the sensor.

You should have also set up your Galaxy Buds with the galaxy wearable app in order to perform the reset from the app.

Also, try making sure your Galaxy Buds have a charge of at least 10% and above before Resetting them (optional).

  1. Open the Galaxy wearable app from the Samsung folders (default)
  2. Navigate to the earbuds menu
  3. Tap on the “Reset earbuds” option
  4. Confirm the earbuds reset action by clicking on the pop-up reset confirmation.

Your Galaxy Buds should be reset to factory settings immediately, clearing all saved data.

You can now confirm if the problem has been resolved by testing them.

However, if you’re using an iOS device or don’t know how to go around the Galaxy wearable app, here’s how to reset your earbuds without the app.

How to Reset Galaxy Earbuds without the Wearable App

Pressing and holding the Buds sensor will also reset your Galaxy earbuds.

You’ll also need to ensure your earbuds are charged at least 50% or more for a more Resetting experience.

However, an earbud doesn’t have much software installed in it so it might take almost immediately to complete a reset action.

Follow the below steps to reset your Galaxy Buds without the app.

  1. Remove the Buds from their charging case
  2. Tap and hold on to the sensors of both buds for a few minutes – 2 minutes at the most – until you hear a chime sound.
  3. Place the Buds back into their case and let it charge for a few minutes.
  4. Bring them out and try pairing them to your devices.

That’s it.

You’ll have to pair all previously connected devices one by one again to continue using the earbuds on them.

How to Fix Unresponsive Galaxy Buds

You can make your Galaxy Buds responsive by restarting or Resetting them. This can be done by inserting them into their case and bringing them out again to make them more responsive.

Also, you should tap and hold on to the Buds sensor to perform a reset action.

How do I put my Samsung Buds into Pairing Mode?

When you insert them into their case, Samsung buds enter pairing mode and bring them out. They’ll automatically connect to previously paired devices that are nearby.


If your Galaxy Buds start running into issues, the restart action should be carried out, followed by the reset action if the problem persists.

However, if none of the above resolved the issue, then you should consider taking your AirPods to the nearest Samsung store in your area, and they'll get it fixed for you.

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