How to Protect Your Google Search History with Password

Updated: February 7, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Google stores your browsing and youtube watch histories to your Google account and by default, these search histories can be accessed by anyone who gets hold of your account or device.

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In other words, if you don’t want your roommate, spouse or friend to spy on your browsing or youtube watch history and switching to incognito mode isn’t amongst your preference then you can decide to hide both behind password verification.

Most persons might not consider encrypting their Google activity history but I’ll advise you do so because it contains almost everything about you; ranging from:

  • Web and Map Searches
  • YouTube History
  • Google assistant Queries e.t.c

are all compiled and your activity page which means anyone with access to a device you’re logged in can see what you’ve searched, watched and asked.

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However, enabling verification will require anyone who wants to see your activity history to enter your Google account password.

How to Turn on My Activity Verification on Your Google Account

  1. To turn on the verification feature, log on to and log in to your google account,
  2. Click on the “Manage My Activity Verification” link
  3. Select “Require extra verification” in the pop-up and click “Save
  4. Finally, you’ll be asked to input your password on the main google login screen to confirm and that’s it.
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Screenshot 20210526 130511 Chrome

Once enabled, you or anyone else would have to input your password or verify via screen lock each time access to the activity history is needed.

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Nevertheless, it is also advisory to make sure the person you’re trying to hide your account activity doesn’t have access to your account password, if they do then it pointless implementing this feature.

However, you can consider changing your password.

Alternatively, you can manually delete your account history although google will automatically delete your activities once it’s more than 3months – 36 months depending on your preference.

Simply login to your google account > Web & App activity > Auto Delete > Now select your preference. You can also manually delete items from your Web & Activity page.

You can also decide to deactivate the saving activity feature permanently.

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