How to Share VPN Connection over WiFi Hot-Spot on Android and PC

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Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Egbujor Victor

Have you ever tried sharing your WiFi Hot spot to another phone while connected to a VPN through a non-rooted Android Phone?

Well; I tried that today and I got stuck at “Obtaining IP Address”.
If you haven’t noticed; Unrooted Android Phones are limited to perform certain tasks such as sharing VPN Connection through Hot-Spot, installing certain apps e.t.c
📌 If you’re in this category then don’t bother because we’re going to see how to share your VPN Connection over WiFi Hot-Spot without Root on Android and PC.

Table of Contents

How to Share VPN Connection via WiFi Hot-Spot on Android without Root.

Kindly follow these steps with care because any step missed could make you start all over.
1. Make Sure you’re already connected to any VPN of your choice (either for cheat/Protection or for any reason).
2. Now, tether hot-spot to the android phone you’re trying to share data with.
3. Download HTTP Injector on the device you’re sharing from and install it.
4. Launch HTTP Injector, Move to Tools > Tethering Tools > Hot Share then Start Hot-Share.





5. Now, take note of the IP Proxy and Port as it will be inputted into the device you’re connecting to.
🔨 All Done? If Yes then Move to the next step; follow the step below if you’re working with an android and the next if you’re with a PC.

How to Add IP Proxy and Port on Android to Enable VPN Connection Sharing via Hot-Spot.

If you’re working with an android then go with the below steps:
1. Install Ultrasurf VPN for Android Apk HERE.
2. Install Ultrasurf VPN then;
3. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right-hand side.
3i. Click Proxy
3ii. Click HTTP Proxy
4. Now, input the Port and IP Proxy as given by Hot share on HTTP Injector.



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5. Finally hit the OK and wait some minutes for it to Connect.

How to Add Port and IP Proxy to PC

If you’re working with PC then proceed with the below steps:
1. Download Ultrasurf VPN for PC.
2. Install and Launch Ultrasurf VPN and then;
3. Click on Option > Proxy Settings > Manual Proxy Settings.
4. Input the IP Proxy and Port you’ve written down from Hot share.



5. Click OK and then go back and wait for it to connect automatically.
🚦 And that is all you need to know about sharing your VPN connection over WiFi Hotspot on Android and PC.
Drop a comment and share the article if you find it helpful; we’ll appreciate it.
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