Why Does Twitter Keep Logging Me Out

May 1, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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One of the common issues you might encounter while using Twitter is that it keeps logging you out automatically. Most users face these annoying and frustrating issues of continuous logging out and they’re yet to find out the reasons why and the solutions.

While there are other underlying factors that might lead to being frequently logged out of your account, the common reasons why Twitter keeps logging you out of your account is mostly because of a security issue with your account or the browser compatibility with the Twitter platform.

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons why Twitter keeps logging you out and the way you can resolve the issue.

Why Does Twitter keep logging You Out?

One of the following reasons can be why Twitter is constantly logging you out:

Using a Private Browser

Twitter may function properly on Incognito or Private browsing mode of web browsers but may experience some compatibility issues with some desktop or mobile web browsers. Therefore, if you are continuously been logged out by Twitter, you may need to check if Twitter is compatible with the web browser.

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Also, your login information isn’t saved when you use private browsing or Incognito mode, hence, your data would be lost when you close the private browsing mode.

Security reasons

Security issues could be another reason why Twitter keeps logging you out. There are various security measures used by Twitter to protect users from hackers and cyber-attacks. And as part of this security measure, Twitter may log you out of your account if they suspect any suspicious activity on your account or if someone else is trying to log in to your account.

This is to prevent unauthorized access to your account and protect your information.

Cache and Cookies

Another possible reason why Twitter keeps logging you out of your account may be due to issues with your browser’s cache and cookies. Caches and cookies are files that your browser stores on your device to help it load web pages faster.

However, if these files are corrupted or outdated, it can lead to issues such as automatic logouts. To resolve this issue, you can clear your browser’s cache and cookies, which will force it to reload the web page and log you in again.

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Multiple Sessions

If you use multiple devices to access your Twitter account or have multiple active sessions on the same device, it can cause automatic logouts. Twitter has a security feature that automatically logs you out of one session if you log in to the maximum required sessions.

For example, if you log in to your Twitter account on your phone and then try to log in on several other devices, you will be automatically logged out of a device to maintain the quota.

Outdated app or software

Another possible reason why you keep getting logged out of your Twitter account is due to an outdated app or software. If you are using an outdated version of the Twitter app or web browser, it can cause issues such as automatic logouts.

You can install the updated version of the Twitter app from the play or apple store and get rid of the issue.

How to Fix Twitter Logging You Out

1. Enable cookies in your web browser:

To enable cookies on your browser,

  • Open Chrome browser and tap on the three dots in the top-right corner > Select “settings” from the list of options that appears.
  • Go to the “site settings” section under settings > Then click on “Cookies
  • Then select “Allow all cookies”.
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That’s it! This is how you can enable cookies on your web browser.

2. Use Default Browser Mode:

In order for your login information to be saved, you should consider using the normal browsing mode instead of Incognito/Private mode.

3. Update your App/Browser Regularly

Ensure that you update your app or web browser to the latest version to resolve this issue.

4. Log out of other Devices

Ensure that you log out of your account on all other devices before logging in to a new one as this could be a solution to this issue.


Twitter may log you out of your account for security reasons, due to issues with your browser’s cache and cookies, multiple sessions, or even an outdated app.

If you are experiencing frequent logouts, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, logging out of your account on all other devices, and updating your app or web browser to the latest version.

If the issue persists, you can contact Twitter’s customer support for further assistance. I believe that with the information provided above you will be able to fix the issue of Twitter constantly logging you out.

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