How Far Can AirPods be Away from Phone

Updated: March 11, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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Wireless connections such as that between your AirPods and your phone have an optimal range they can be away from each other to maintain a successful connection.

In this article, you’re going to see how far your AirPods can be Away from your phone.

How Far Can AirPods be Away from Phone?

Generally, the Bluetooth range of your AirPods to your device is between 30 to 60 feet. This implies that you can stay 60 feet away from your phone and still enjoy high-quality music without interruption.

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Although the Bluetooth range might differ between the two Airpods, it’s best to inquire with the retailer to ascertain.

Also, this reach can be reduced if there seems to be an obstruction between you and the AirPods. For instance, if there happens to be walls or metals on the way.

While you may still be able to listen to music, the sound won’t be enjoyable due to frequent skipping and other connection effects.

Meanwhile, any users who go beyond the 60 feet meter reach will automatically be disconnected, leaving the AirPods open to pairing with another device.

N.B: Some Airpods manufacturers may increase the Bluetooth reach of their AirPods to 100 meters depending on users’ needs. So it’s best to check the specs of each AirPods before buying.

Do you have to carry your phone with AirPods?

Carrying your Phone with Airpods isn’t necessary except when the distance is beyond 60 meters. The AirPods will still remain connected as long as you’re working within the Bluetooth range. Also, you can pair the AirPods to your Apple watch instead.

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Can you listen to AirPods from far away?

If you’re within the coverage area of 60 meters then you can listen to AirPods from the distance. However, anything longer than that will cause irregular audio output or total disconnection.

Can I use AirPods without a case nearby?

Yes, AirPods can be used without the casing nearby provided it’s fully charged. The time frame depends on the battery life of the AirPods but it’s usually 6 hours of constant use.

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