How to Add Funds to Cash App Card – 4 Ways

May 18, 2023 | Egbujor Victor
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This article provides four different methods for adding funds to your Cash App account, which can then be used with your Cash Card to make purchases at stores, restaurants, online, and ATMs.

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How to Add Funds to Cash Card

Here are the ways you can add cash to your Cash App Card.

1. From Cash Balance

When you first open up your Cash App account, it’s going to bring you to a screen where you can send and receive money from other people.

But if you want to see how much money is in your account, you’re going to need to go to the first tab at the left-hand side, and at the top, you’ll see how much money is currently in your account and then you’ll see the add cash button.

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If you choose the add cash button and you add money this way, it’s going to immediately take money from your linked debit card that you have on your account.

If you’re not sure which accounts are linked to your Cash App account, you can click on your profile > and then click linked banks and you can change these at any time.

2. Add Cash via Bank Transfer

The second option you have for adding cash to your Cash App is by doing a bank transfer.

Cash App provides you with a routing and account number specifically assigned to your account.  You can use these numbers inside lots of different banks to set up external transfers to your Cash App account.

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Sometimes your bank might require you to do several test deposits before you’re set up to send money back and forth with your Cash App account.

3. Direct Deposit

Cash App can link with a whole bunch of different employers, allowing you to set up direct deposit from your employer. If your employer isn’t listed, you can manually set up direct deposit using their routing and account numbers.

4. Paper Money

And the last way you can add money to your Cash App account, which is a new way, is by adding paper money.

If you have the paper money option on your Cash App and you’d like to add funds. Click on the paper money option and it’s going to show you a map of stores that are near you where you can deposit paper money.

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Visit the store closest to you and once you get there, click the show barcode button and show it to the cashier.

They’ll scan it and take your money and it will immediately be added to your account (There is a one-dollar fee for each paper cash deposit with Cash App)


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